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Just some of the companies Donna has helped:

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Start Getting Exactly What You Want - TODAY

Ever wonder why so few people get exactly what they want in life and business?

Everyone has a ‘spark’. Unfortunately, most people fail to make the most of it. Your personal spark (or passion) is the driving force behind what you do and why you do it.

But Here’s The Thing:
You’ll Never Out-Perform What You Believe About Yourself; Your Self-Image.

That’s why it has become my passion to share how the combination of my proven mindset and success-building strategies help other high achievers get desired results…

100% of the time

success is not a secret, luck, or hard work

success is a science; a system

And Once You’ve Followed The System…You’ll Be Able To Do ANYTHING!

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In my many rewarding years of coaching I've worked with individuals who:


  • Are seriously good at their craft, but lack adequate business building skills.
  • Long to make a difference, but struggle to find or keep clients.
  • Work hard to build relationships, yet find themselves spending their energy (and even money) with no enjoyment or personal satisfaction. So sad!
  • Struggle to focus and perform at their peak, failing to get what they truly want in their life and work.
  • Deal with a lot of isolation and loneliness, which can breed fear and failure to take action.
  • Have a huge need to get clear on what success actually is – and how to use the spark they possess within to consistently achieve desired goals.
  • Are what I call  ‘High Achievers-In-Waiting’ – capable of being On Fire and Unstoppable with the help of a qualified Mindset & Success Building Coach.

If this is you – let’s change that today!

Everything you are seeking...
is seeking you.

  • Find new and better clients
  • Confidently address scaling issues to get results – F.A.S.T!
  • Create the team you want and need
  • Consistently close sales
  • Stop sabotaging your own success
  • Develop an unstoppable mindset to get what you really want
  • Eliminate procastination, doubt and fear
  • Host an elevating event with me
  • Choose a focus topic such as: “Getting Results” or “Cultivating Leadership Skills” or “Creating Wealth”
  • Give attendees REAL tools, proven to effect immediate change

I Give You All the tools you need to create your future self – Starting Where You Are Right Now

All the 'stuff' you get along the way, whether it be your dream car or home, conquering self-sabotage & procrastination, or turning your annual income into your monthly's all just a by-product or benefit of the future self you've become!

"I believe in my clients before they ever believe in themselves."