A Little Bit About Me & My Passion

Hi! I’m Donna Deteau

I help high achievers get exactly what they want…after spending a ridiculous number of years not being exactly who I wanted to be or doing exactly what I wanted to do.

So, how long have you been working to get exactly what you want in your life…
Without tangible success?

Over the past ten years I have been following my passion as a Mindset and Success Building Coach to:

  • High Achievers-In-Waiting
  • C-level Executives
  • Boards of Directors
  • Sales Teams
  • Entrepreneurs

And all of these have shared one common problem.
They were failing to get exactly what they wanted in their life and in their work.

It’s been my passion – and joy – to introduce them to the science behind my fail-proof, “Two-Tiered Approach” for growing and sustaining:

  • Relationships
  • Wealth
  • Personal Growth
  • Business Success
When you work with me, my focus is on YOU…
And giving you exactly what you need to get the results you’ve (so far) been unable to achieve.

Coming alongside as a surrogate partner, I help clients – exactly like you – face challenges head on and navigate them skillfully while discovering the personal fire within themselves – to quickly become UNSTOPPABLE.

I model the power of mindset, walking the talk with a positive, results-driven attitude.

And I journey with you through the inevitable challenges and disappointments faced by high achievers who are unwilling to settle for less than exactly what they want.

I explain “The Knowing/Doing Gap” to listeners of the Live Blissed Out podcast, hosted by Marisa Huston

The Purpose Behind The Passion

My Purpose

When I owned and ran my catering business, I thought “this is my purpose…to make events, parties and holidays easier and worry-free for others”.

When I owned and ran my renovation business, I thought “this is my purpose in life…to design and create living spaces for people who want a better home but don’t know how to go about creating it”.

When I began coaching 10+ years ago, it was the first time in my life that I jumped out of bed every single day, so excited for the day to begin.

I am so grateful that coaching others found me!

Was I passionate about those other two professions? Yes.

But that passion pales in comparison with what I’m doing now.

  • I have the honor and privilege to guide others in discovering their true selves.
  • I have the honor and privilege to share proven and time-tested tools with others so they can create the lives they’ve always only dreamed about.
  • I have the honor and privilege to teach others what I have been taught so we all get bigger and better results in our lives and work – successfully making quantum leaps. 

I never see myself retiring.

And why should I?

Coaching and guiding and teaching and sharing with those who are ready to make massive changes in and to their lives – this is the life and work I was born to.

I really don’t have the vocabulary to express how meaningful my life is now. Suffice it to say…this is my purpose, my reason for being. 

My Passion

I’m a self-taught gourmet who loves to cook and create new recipes (which I love trying out on friends).

I’m also a hiker, traveler, and dog sitter, who enjoys giving back by serving on my local Honorary Council for CHARG Resource Center, where I currently provide four holiday meals for 20-30 individuals in the CHARG community each year.

My passion is helping others. And I’d love the opportunity to help YOU.

My Goal

To help as many high achievers-in-waiting as possible discover The Science of Success and develop an empowering, on fire and unstoppable Mindset & Success Building lifestyle!

Because I’ve experienced, first-hand, how rewarding it is to get exactly what you want in life and business.

What’s your passion?
What’s Your purpose?
Get the freedom you want and deserve.
discover how to live on fire!