My clients regard me as a ‘surrogate partner’. My coaching style combines effective Mindset Strategies with proven Business Strategies to elevate your innate spark into an unstoppable fired-up attitude. I work side-by-side with you – every single step of the way – sharing the weight and struggles you encounter, while modeling powerful mindset strategies that, in turn, change how you meet inevitable challenges, getting the exact results you want. 

High Achievers. The truth is that most people simply do not have big enough goals. High Achievers tend to have lofty goals, they just need an elevated mindset. Many individuals are actually what I call ‘High Achievers-In-Waiting’ because they’re currently stuck and can’t visualize what they are truly capable of accomplishing. Since my elevated coaching style is focused on results, I find that High Achievers, who share my results-driven attitude, are more likely to make the changes necessary to allow them to get exactly what they want in both life and business. High-Achievers are usually not willing to settle for anything LESS than success in every area of life and business. For these reasons, High Achievers easily benefit from my style of coaching. 

Therapy focuses on mental health; my elevated coaching focuses on helping you set and achieve goals. Clients benefit from my professional expertise gained by working for over four decades in the corporate world, nonprofit sector, and as a successful entrepreneur. While not a therapist, I do provide tons of support, guidance, encouragement, and inspiration for changing your current mindset, becoming the on fire individual and business-owner you long to be, who is able to get exactly what you want.

It takes a certain passion. For me, realizing my passion for helping others to elevate their mindset in a way that quickly improves personal and professional  success, resulted after the death of my beloved sister. She was so young that she had not realized her full potential or accomplished all her goals in life. Her untimely death was was both a personal wake-up call and an inspiration. I knew that I could take the spark I had within me and elevate that into something that would help others to get exactly what they want in life and work. So, I used my professional experience, training, and insight to develop a very specific style of coaching, known as Elevate Your Spark!

Absolutely! If you’re a High Achiever, you’re my ideal client. Period. And I would LOVE to chat with you – 1:1 – on a FREE Discovery Call