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My Signature Keynote Topics

All Sessions Are

  • Full of fun, facts, and fired up strategies
  • Developed from real-life scenarios
  • Gathered from over four decades in the corporate world, non-profit sector, and as an entrepreneur
  • Delivered in a casual, relaxed, and relational tone
  • Instructional and detailed, with invaluable advice
NOTE: All Topics Can Be Interactive with Worksheets to Aid Participants in Gaining Deeper Insights and Lasting Results.

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the knowing/doing gap

One-Day Session addressing the disparity between knowing what we should be doing and what we actually do...
And why concentrated changes in actions, behaviors, and habits just don't stick.


Step-by-step instructions on how to make permanent changes that produce desired results...
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Cultivating Leadership Skills in Yourself & Others

A Revealing Session exposing the myth of 'born leaders'...
And focuses on how leadership qualities are successfully grown and cultivated.


In-depth instruction, conversation, and insight on becoming the leader that others willingly emulate; how to ease attrition while retaining talented employees - and valuable clients.
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Advanced Client Attraction Strategies

Business-Building Session featuring my fail-proof formula for attracting more clients...
No matter your industry.


Learn the secret of my business-building Constant Client Formula;
How to generate new clients without cold calling or ever feeling pushy again.
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Creating Wealth

The Science behind consistently increasing profits without working harder...
Or depending on luck


Proven strategies addressing how to:
Set worthy goals - Eliminate doubts about growth - Overcome fear of change - Stay on track amid chaos - Tools for achieving amazing goals for you and your company
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“A good coach can change a game; a great mindset coach can change a life.”

“A great success coach is a great problem solver; one who truly knows how to hear what the entrepreneur is saying – and what he or she is not saying.”

Make your upcoming event one that will benefit attendees for the rest of their lives!

Donna has long been a trusted guide for many high achievers-in-waiting, helping them develop personal awareness and an elevated level of success in both life and business. Her keynote presentations are sure to do the same for your audience.

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I have an immense passion for helping others become the best version of themselves and giving people the opportunity to make great life changing decisions…

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And I believe everyone should have as much fun as possible all along their amazing, personal and transformative journey!

Listen In As I Explain The Knowing/Doing Gap 

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